South Lake Farms crafts the stickiest, most pungent buds from the ground up.

It starts with rich, living soil – fortified with homemade organic nutrients and meticulously shielded from chemicals. We grow outdoors and in mixed light, respecting our cannabis plants’ natural lifecycles, ensuring quality testing throughout. And because sticks and stems are never fun, we slow-dry and hand trim our flower to preserve the fat nugs, perfect crack, and irresistible aroma that South Lake Farms is known for.

In short, you won’t find more lovingly or expertly tended products anywhere.

Proudly grown off-the-grid in Lake County, look for our flower at fair prices in fine dispensaries throughout California.

With an irresistible aroma that fills the room, you’ll recognize the quality of South Lake Farms buds the moment you open the bag.

We work with California’s most respected seed breeders to source a rotation of crowd favorites, new takes on classic strains and unique crosses you won’t find anywhere else. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find something tempting at South Lake Farms.

Call us loyal, or maybe just stubborn, but as other California growers chased favorable permits from town to town, we settled in South Lake County and made it our home.

And we’re glad we did. What began as 5 small acres has grown into a large-scale sustainable operation that proudly employs an expanding team of local growers, tenders and staff.

Even as we’ve flourished, South Lake Farms has held true to our boutique roots, craft-farming practices and a never-ending quest for the latest, most cutting-edge methods for producing quality cannabis.

At South Lake Farms, we’re committed to ethical growth of all sorts.

That’s why we offer premium grade cannabis to our customers at accessible prices. It’s why we help grow the economy by actively recruiting locals into quality jobs with plenty of education opportunities. And it’s why we ceaselessly search for new and better sustainable farming methods to protect our environment.

It’s our way of giving back to a community that’s given us so much.

When we say “sustainable,” we mean it.
At South Lake Farms we:

Brew our own compost teas and build our own nutrients using all-natural and organic inputs

Preserve our soils by practicing no-till farming and planting winter ground cover, which keeps nitrogen in the ground and protects friendly microbes

Operate off-the-grid as much as possible and way out in the sticks of Lake County, far from any cross-contaminating orchards or vineyards

Raise healthy, robust cannabis plants equipped to naturally fight off pests

Consistently test potent and chemical free

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